3rd new “do” in a monthย 

So I got the 1st “do” where I went shorter and then the 2nd “do” went lighter, then decided “hey, I want to go shorter in the back – get more volume all around and bring on more sass!”

I had an appt with Michelle (J Giles Salon) and went beebopping over there having taken the afternoon off work.  I walked in and Michelle said “Hey!  I had you on Thursday…..”…..uhhhhh whoops!

Leave it to me to randomly be so sure I have an appt Wednesday for whatever reason ๐Ÿ˜œ

BUT Michelle rocks and squeezed me in!!  We did the cut and I LOVE LA LOVE IT!!!

Michelle is so talented AND accommodating – here are the results!

A little Voluma goes a Vo-long-a wayย 

I love girly stuff and this is no shock to my close friends – this includes shoes, clothes, makeup, hair, accessories blah blah blah…..

But to me, it also includes having nice skin and taking care to make sure I hold myself together – the whole growing old gracefully thing…….

So I’ve been known to dabble in the Botox and the microderm and some laser (mini me, stop humping the laser!!!  Sorry had to do it!). And one of the things I’d seen and thought looked great is a product called “Voluma”.  

It gets injected into the high angle of your cheek and it goes deeper than traditional fillers which go right under your skin.

I bit the bullet and I love it!  It’s a subtle lift to the upper cheeks and it substantially improved my under eye bags!  I’m loving it and it supposedly lasts for years so well worth the  investment and it was an investment – whew $$$, but if it lasts as long as I’ve seen in others, good to go!

CRU & Music

Went to CRU last night to see my best friends neighbors play some music (very cool, very talented “Mix Tape” – go see them!!!)

Had a blast with some folks I’ve known for YEARS but haven’t seen in forever!  Great times!

Totally ate Wendy’s on the way home (there goes the diet) but all in all a wonderful evening with some super human beings!

Balyage by Michelle!

Had a very sweet woman do an absolutely beautiful job painting very natural highlights into my hair yesterday afternoon!  

Michelle McNaught at J. Giles Salon in Greensboro – THANK YOU #1 for working me in and saving me from “too dark do” for my OBX trip and #2 for doing amazing work!

AND she’s fast too!!!  LOVE it Michelle – go see her folks – you will be pleased!  Oh and don’t judge me with no makeup guys – this is about the hair – focus on the hair!!! 

In the nude!

My favorite new nude!  

It’s called “Alter Ego Lip Gloss” & I’ve got on “Socialite” which really is my alter ego because I’m actually quite I introverted!!!
Stays on forever, tastes and smells like vanilla and is very natural and slightly on the peach side.  I’ve been looking for a nice peach gloss FOREVER!  Hello socialite- come to me, my love!  Lololol I’m so stupid!