CRU & Music

Went to CRU last night to see my best friends neighbors play some music (very cool, very talented “Mix Tape” – go see them!!!)

Had a blast with some folks I’ve known for YEARS but haven’t seen in forever!  Great times!

Totally ate Wendy’s on the way home (there goes the diet) but all in all a wonderful evening with some super human beings!


Balyage by Michelle!

Had a very sweet woman do an absolutely beautiful job painting very natural highlights into my hair yesterday afternoon!  

Michelle McNaught at J. Giles Salon in Greensboro – THANK YOU #1 for working me in and saving me from “too dark do” for my OBX trip and #2 for doing amazing work!

AND she’s fast too!!!  LOVE it Michelle – go see her folks – you will be pleased!  Oh and don’t judge me with no makeup guys – this is about the hair – focus on the hair!!! 

In the nude!

My favorite new nude!  

It’s called “Alter Ego Lip Gloss” & I’ve got on “Socialite” which really is my alter ego because I’m actually quite I introverted!!!
Stays on forever, tastes and smells like vanilla and is very natural and slightly on the peach side.  I’ve been looking for a nice peach gloss FOREVER!  Hello socialite- come to me, my love!  Lololol I’m so stupid!  

Cargo OneBase Concealer

I don’t wear foundation – tinted sunscreen and concealer where needed, bronzer and gloss – oh and since I stopped my eyelash extension addiction, a good cost of volumizing mascara and a curl from the eyelash curler – ANYWHO – randomly saw this product at Kohls yesterday and it’s amaze-balls – I always have dark circles and this acts as a base AND concealer so it STAYS put!

Pics below are before, after one application and after adding a bit more.  I love it and hope you try it – it will change your makeup routine!!! ☺️

PS and very important here – 100% natural pics, NO filters – that would defeat the point!!!

Confessions of a closet hoarder…..

Those of you who know me mainly from work probably think I’m very neat and slightly OCD (ok things can’t move an inch on my desk or I freak, whatever – just pay attention here) – so Jon asked me to pick my crap up off the floor so he could vacuum….I was laying on (his side) of the bed staring at my mountain of stuff and thought “I should take a picture of this monstrosity!”  

So brace yourself for my reveal and remember next time you move stuff around on my desk, that I can only manage to keep that tiny space organized so take pity on me LOLOL