A little Voluma goes a Vo-long-a way 

I love girly stuff and this is no shock to my close friends – this includes shoes, clothes, makeup, hair, accessories blah blah blah…..

But to me, it also includes having nice skin and taking care to make sure I hold myself together – the whole growing old gracefully thing…….

So I’ve been known to dabble in the Botox and the microderm and some laser (mini me, stop humping the laser!!!  Sorry had to do it!). And one of the things I’d seen and thought looked great is a product called “Voluma”.  

It gets injected into the high angle of your cheek and it goes deeper than traditional fillers which go right under your skin.

I bit the bullet and I love it!  It’s a subtle lift to the upper cheeks and it substantially improved my under eye bags!  I’m loving it and it supposedly lasts for years so well worth the  investment and it was an investment – whew $$$, but if it lasts as long as I’ve seen in others, good to go!


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