BE BRONZED…..not orange

Alright peeps – so I am fair skinned and freckled so I have NEVER tanned well in the sun.  For all the years of trying and tanning beds – yes, I got “brownish” or more like “goldenish”, but never deep, dark tan.

So I have always been on a mission to find the best self-tanners out there – no orange, just brown glowy wonderfulness (do you love my made-up words?  I do, LOL).  A major discovery I’ve had is that the greener the undertone, the more brown the tan (from a bottle).  The green cancels out orange tendencies and gives a more olive color at the end of the day.

The pic below of my legs is a before and after using St. Moriz self tanner in “dark”.  The picture (below) of the St. Moriz is actually their bronzer that washes off at the end of the day as opposed to the self-tanner (sorry for any confusion, but trying to clarify).  ALL St. Moriz products are available at ULTA and are only……wait for it…….$12.99!!!!  They are usually buy one, get one 50% off too, so basically the most amazing deal ever in the universe for a fantastic, gorgeous result!  I am telling you this too – they smell AMAZING!!!  No “self-tanner” smell at ALL!  In fact, they smell floral-y and nice!  They also dry REALLY quickly and are transfer resistant.  I still wouldn’t recommend heavy sweating in a white sundress, but seriously, they don’t transfer easily 🙂

The other product I have shown below is the Tarte Rainforest Glow.  This is a Matte Bronzer that is WATER-RESISTANT – YES FINALLY!!!  You can put this on and it repels water all day long!  The first product I’ve ever found EVER that actually stays on when you swim!  It is NOT cool to have a beautiful sunless tan and have to avoid the water all day – no way – so this product is a life-saver!  Warning – when you first put it on, it doesn’t look like the best color……give it about 15 minutes – it will even out and look awesome – be patient Danielson (if you don’t know Karate Kid, I’d dating myself, LOL).

Try some of these products and share your results!  I would love to see some before and afters and get your input.  As a self-proclaimed self-tanning expert/guru, I get SO excited to share when I find something fantabulous!  And when it’s this good and CHEAP – you just have to spread the word!!!

Happy tanning!


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