BAH Humbug

Grumpy-BearI am in the worst stinking mood today – and the weather is bright, beautiful and sunny, but I just want to crawl back into bed 😦

I kept waking up last night with a sore throat – like my right tonsil was the size of a soccer ball and someone was pouring acid on it – lovely right??

So I am thinking this is the beginning of a wonderful summer cold which is totally unacceptable and something for which I have no time.  Ain’t nobody got time for sickness – I have things to do – tons of work to get done and my house is a freaking WRECK!

I finally get laundry DONE, but then there’s that little step of putting it away – HA!  Piles end up everywhere and slowly but surely I am uncertain what is clean and what is dirty so it just ALL gets washed again.  Super efficient huh???

Sorry for being a grump butt today guys – just DO NOT feel like working – hopefully this stupid funk passes quickly – hope nobody else is sick and is able to enjoy this weather!!!


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