Fire Pit Reveal

OK so it’s not the FINAL reveal, but we’re close!  Here it is with the mosaic laid out – Jon hauled all the stone from the bed of his truck out back which took about 2 hours (poor guy) and in the blazing heat at 200% humidity!  He also managed to just give Jace a dirty look when Jace ninja-starred his Minecraft sword at his head whilst he was carrying said stone (LOLOL) – Jace is lucky…..that could have gotten ugly……and there you see the impulsivity piece of my eldest child’s ADHD!  But I digress……..

Left to do?  Jon has to dig around EACH stone and recess the ground so they are actually sitting down IN the ground – does that make sense the way I’m describing it?  it will look almost exactly like this, but the stones will lay JUST below the surface so when Jon mows, he can actually mow over the patio – pretty cool huh?

Also just found out the cornhole boards will be arriving FRIDAY WOOT WOOT!!!  Just in time for the weekend baby!  SO EXCITED!

I’m going to try to squeeze in some beauty blogging this week (sunless tanners, bronzers, glowy skin tips).  Off to take a conference call – happy Monday all! 🙂


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