The Day of the Fire Pit……

So Jon and I had the random idea to build a fire pit the other night.  We are both incredibly impulsive and terrible with money, LOLOL – yes, I’m candid!  If anything is worth doing, it should be out of left field, something you can’t afford and something you don’t “need”, right????  No?  Oh……

AnyWHO – so we’re doing it- Jon went and got the first bits of fun this morning at Lowes and Price Nursery and he’s slaving away outside to get it knocked out in time to toast s’mores this evening!  I’m so excited!  Tomorrow he’s picking up the stone for the little patio that will go around it and that will complete this weekend’s project.

THEN when our other recent impulse buy gets here (clears throat, cornhole boards) in the next few weeks, our backyard will be THEE place to be πŸ™‚

I’m going to go take some pics to add to this post – stand by folks………

Ok pic added and totally made me laugh out loud because our “in process” fire pit resembles a burial ceremony!!!  Rest assured (but not in peace ha ha) that we are all alive and well – but our neighbors cat…..TOTALLY KIDDING!!!!


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