This is me (and Jon)


So in typical “me” fashion, I have no specific plan, LOL!  I’ve always wanted to start a blog and have always had a passion for sharing the incredibly random and sometimes useless information I’ve acquired in my (almost) 40 years of this wild ride!

I am a wealth of information on beauty products and aesthetic procedures (my youngest sister is an RN and works for a plastic surgeon) and I adore clothes and anything “Boho Chic”……is that even the right spelling of “chic”????  LOL!  I’m going with it!

So my blog name – BOHOPRINCESS – was inspired by my free spiritedness, my fashion sense and my husbands favorite term of endearment for me “princess”.  It’s important when you say it, in your head, that you pronounce “princess” the way Jon does (my sweet country southern man) ……”prance-ISS” – you got it?  There you go, now you’re ready – welcome!





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