July “Fix”

What do you think guys?  I love the black dress and pants – also always love a dolman top.  Not sure on the other top or the other jersey dress.  The vneck is good but I’m not a short sleeved dress person. 

I don’t know know though – sometimes (AKA every fix) the thing I hate the most “on paper” I end up loving do we shall see!
What do ya’ll think?


Favorite New Product!! (NYX FIX)

I was in Tarjay yesterday (as you know) and this caught my eye as I was looking for a green primer to counteract the fact that my complexion looks like a freaking solo cup 😑

I saw this (Color Correction Concealer by NYX – pronounced nix) and thought “what the heck let’s try it!”

Got it home and was skeptical because all the colors looked really dark AND it doesn’t include any kind of guide as to which colors counteract or address which complexion issues.

So I turned to the trusty YouTubers and as always, found several tutorials.  To save you guys time:

Yellow – bruises, veins, acne scarring

Green – redness, pimples

Purple – yellow/sallow complexion 

Salmon- undereye circles

Light tan – light concealer

Dark tan – dark concealer

I used the green, the salmon and the light concealer and this pretty much kicks ass!!!  I couldn’t believe how the salmon brightened up under my eyes!  And the green just made my face look so even and dewy!!!

IMPORTANT!!  You MUST BLEND BLEND BLEND and you MUST put on a light layer of foundation over top.  Wait about 3 mins after you blend out the the NYX then lightly apply your usual foundation and kind of “tap” it on until even.

This stuff acts as a great primer too – it was hot as Africa last night and my makeup stayed fresh and in place all night (and we were sitting outside).

I hope you’ll give this product a try – I think you’ll like it!  Let me know below if you use the purple or yellow – curious how they do!!!

Happy NYXing!!!!! πŸ’‹

Camo Conversion! 😎😎😎

So Jon’s country – realllllly country and was at Target (pronounced Tar-jay) today and saw this little gem of a shirt – I slipped it on and came down to show Jon….

Happy boy – looked at me like I had on lingerie lololol – amazing what will turn a guy on!!!!

I will take it though – MUCH more comfy than Vicki Cees (that’s what I call Victoria’s Secret) ☺️

Have a great weekend ya’ll!!!  We have lots of plans with friends – looking forward to it because it starts….NOW!

Shimmery goodness!

I am a huge fan of highlighters for your face!  They give a nice dewy look and can make your skin look younger and fresher.

The two I have here are:

On left – St. Tropez body illuminator in “gold”

On right – Bekka shimmering skin perfector in “opal”

I use the St Tropez when going for a golden peachy look and the Bekka when doing a rosy pinky flushed look.

I put them all over my face after moisturizing.  Then I finish my makeup and dab MORE on as needed (cheekbones, bridge of nose etc.)

Best stuff ever to perk up a tired or dry complexion!  Both can be found at ULTA!

3rd new “do” in a monthΒ 

So I got the 1st “do” where I went shorter and then the 2nd “do” went lighter, then decided “hey, I want to go shorter in the back – get more volume all around and bring on more sass!”

I had an appt with Michelle (J Giles Salon) and went beebopping over there having taken the afternoon off work.  I walked in and Michelle said “Hey!  I had you on Thursday…..”…..uhhhhh whoops!

Leave it to me to randomly be so sure I have an appt Wednesday for whatever reason 😜

BUT Michelle rocks and squeezed me in!!  We did the cut and I LOVE LA LOVE IT!!!

Michelle is so talented AND accommodating – here are the results!

A little Voluma goes a Vo-long-a wayΒ 

I love girly stuff and this is no shock to my close friends – this includes shoes, clothes, makeup, hair, accessories blah blah blah…..

But to me, it also includes having nice skin and taking care to make sure I hold myself together – the whole growing old gracefully thing…….

So I’ve been known to dabble in the Botox and the microderm and some laser (mini me, stop humping the laser!!!  Sorry had to do it!). And one of the things I’d seen and thought looked great is a product called “Voluma”.  

It gets injected into the high angle of your cheek and it goes deeper than traditional fillers which go right under your skin.

I bit the bullet and I love it!  It’s a subtle lift to the upper cheeks and it substantially improved my under eye bags!  I’m loving it and it supposedly lasts for years so well worth the  investment and it was an investment – whew $$$, but if it lasts as long as I’ve seen in others, good to go!